Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Hello and welcome!

I am Tami Marie. 

I'm from a little country called Trinidad. It's the southernmost island in the Caribbean. I love it here. It's beautiful and it's home.  

Here's a little about me...primary school art teacher, writer, 80's baby, lover of nature and animals, ocean addict, Jesus lover, amateur photographer, creative soul, subscriber to the 3 L's in life...Live. Laugh. Love. and wanderlust(er).

Over the years I have discovered that my heart is most happy when I've got a camera in hand, when I rove about and find a beautiful place, when I am knee-deep in art and when I'm indulging in the written word (reading or creating). 

I created 'Expressions by Tami' solely as a place to share my writing. In a short space of time, it became so much more. It became a place of connection. I use three social networks to update, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please come by for a visit. 

Your time, likes, comments, emails and endless support mean so very much to me. I am grateful for every single one of you and send all the positive vibes, love and light back at ya!

Tami Marie 


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